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Published by on August 23, 2013




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13 comments on “WALKING WORKOUT with Jenny Ford

  1. Jenny Ford

    1 year ago

    doumkatekkatek, thanks so much for the feedback. I checked it out again on my computer, I didn’t seem to have the jerky-i-ness. (if that’s a word) So strange. I am sorry it is not playing right for you. Hope to film another walking workout soon.  =D

  2. doumkatekkatek

    1 year ago

    This looks like a good video, but something about the video is jerky. Other videos are fine on my computer, so maybe it was filmed at a slower rate or something?

  3. Jenny Ford

    1 year ago

    @curiousandlooking — Thanks!

  4. curiousandlooking

    1 year ago

    Go Jenny!!!!

  5. FreshEyes22

    1 year ago

    YES, please make more marching workout! I love them 2!!

  6. Jenny Ford

    1 year ago

    @Sanra deluca — Thanks so much! I do have another marching workout on my channel called ‘Marching with Moves’.  Take a look, you may really enjoy it! It’s a bit longer than this one. =)

  7. Sanra deluca

    1 year ago

    Love it.. thanks so much. more walking workouts please

  8. Jenny Ford

    1 year ago

    @ANIMALKISSING — so happy you enjoyed my marching workout. I will be making more soon. =)


    1 year ago

    awesome!!!…can you make more marching type of videos…?

  10. Jenny Ford

    1 year ago

    @lacebabydoll – GREAT! Thanks for your comments.  It is always nice when workouts are both easy and fun. Thanks for working out with me! =)

  11. lacebabydoll

    1 year ago

    Love this so easy to do and fun

  12. Jenny Ford

    1 year ago

    @April Clay – Thanks so much! I am so happy you love my workouts. I will be posting more of these live workouts with Google Plus starting next week. =)

  13. April Clay

    1 year ago

    Jenny, I love your workouts and your high energy.

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